24/7 Monitoring

System health, uptime, availability and performance is monitored and managed by our team of experts. At Lanix, we work pro-actively to identify and address potential problems before they occur.

Pro-active monitoring benefits

We monitor your server health against system failures, irregularities and limitations of resources, allowing our team to be pro-active and resolve any concern before it becomes a problem. This helps to minimise system downtime, ensuring you have business continuity.

Managing the 24/7 monitoring system

Our network monitoring system is constantly monitoring your business network 24×7 to ensure the systems are running as they should. Should it detect an issue, our engineers will automatically be alerted resulting in swift remedial or preventative action to reduce any risk of downtime.

How do engineers respond to the alerts?

Whether the alerts come from a fault or are of a preventive nature, we notify our clients of the risk level associated with the incident. Appropriate support actions will then be taken to eliminate faults and potential failures. At Lanix, we work closely with our clients at all times, keeping them informed about the work processes and completion of tasks.

Scheduled maintenance

Most of the regular system and network maintenances are scheduled during out-of-office hours and weekends. However, in case of an emergency, we contact our clients by email or telephone, providing the details of the maintenance required. Once we complete our work, the clients are notified straight away.


– 24×7 network monitoring helps mitigate risks of downtime.
– Automatically undertaking time-consuming vital checks to monitor disk space, services, processes and more on servers and workstations.
– Monitoring users, groups and other active directory information.
– Guaranteeing that services run and function without the need for any administrative intervention.

24/7 Monitoring