Data is a critical asset – it is the lifeblood of every business. Storing and protecting company data can be a formidable, time consuming and costly task; therefore, Lanix helps you with a simple secure cloud backup solution utilising enterprise class technologies. Our service extends to data archiving and supports all your important business tools including desktops, servers, laptops and tablet devices.


Lanix begins its intelligent backup solutions by backing up your data to a permanent device for transport to the data centre, known as “seed loading”. A remote and secure connection will be set up connecting your source of data to our primary data centre. Your data will then be automatically duplicated across a permanent and secure connection to our secondary data centre which usually takes less than 3 days. At whichever stage of data migration, you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

  • We back up your entire system’s data within an hour
  • Your data is stored in 3 locations, on your premises and two private data centres
  • Your data is stored using the strongest encryption following industry’s standards
  • Our staff will recommend and tailor a backup solution for your needs
  • We operate on flexible plans and tariffs

Our managed backup service takes out the burden of backing up data yourself and strengthens your disaster recovery plan. We provide you with daily reports and checks so you have the peace of mind in knowing you are receiving all the support you need. We also take full control as we are able to instantly respond to alerts and warnings; this means that we can guarantee 100% security of your data. Our solutions are fully scalable to allow data growth with no business interruption.

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