Disaster recovery (henceforth DR) begins before a disaster occurs, thus Lanix managed DR works with you to build a plan beforehand, ensuring that the critical business processes will continue to function when a disaster strikes. Contingency and remedial action plans, which outline recovery procedures, will keep your company up and running through interruptions of any kind.

One can claim that a disaster occurs when you are fully engaged at work and need it the most. In fact, most disasters occur when system resilience and capacity threshold are exceeded without notice. Particularly, this happens when increased capacity and spurious network demand have exceeded contingency level within the system infrastructure, thus, performance affects availability.


Lanix provides an ever-ready availability solution to restore normal business operations during the period of interruption. Through our “DR in the cloud”, Lanix’s DR managed service, we utilise internet connectivity and remote pre-configuration system to instantaneously take over system operations from the last data entry to complete document restore from the data vaults.

Our managed InCloud DR services cover network system critical failures; building and work place access; and, occupancy problems.


Lanix system architects will carry out a comprehensive fault isolation and containment infrastructure design, followed by test and correction exercises to eliminate a component or service failure expanding into a disaster. Once the design is completed, a document called ‘the company DR handbook’ will be created, describing test results, procedures, method of recovery and highlighting grading of risks and exposures.

The DR plan needs to be reviewed and updated regularly , thus every 6 months we schedule maintenance and validating tests to keep ‘the company DR handbook’ up-to-date. Changes regarding hardware, software and network, as well as changes in your DR policy, will be noted down in the handbook.


The faults will be firstly verified by a Lanix helpdesk engineer and then be escalated to the DR team for immediate action. Two engineers will be assigned to rebuild the network based on the settings and procedures described in the DR handbook.

Before any work is carried out, the DR engineers report to the client clarifying the incident and provide a time estimate for the course of partial and total system recovery. Once an agreement is made, the DR work begins.


Our engineers will constantly communicate and work closely with you to inform you about the progress and target time of the recovery. Notices and work-related messages will be sent out via the company or directly to all staff informing the stage of DR, until the network and system have been fully restored.


Incident reports and record of work will be added to the DR handbook and then presented to the client.

Disaster Recovery