Lanix IP Telephony system is a cloud-based managed IP Telephony service which is a hosted VoIP service designed specifically for your business. Our voice platform is delivered directly to your offices from our own network.

  • The service is all-inclusive with no additional costs for support or maintenance and no unexpected bills; everything is covered by a monthly fee
  • The hosted VoIP solution can be scaled up or down to meet your human resources changes
  • You can share documents and data while on the move, at home or office. Accessibility is irrespective of geographical location
  • The online management portal helps you manage and control your phone calls easily
  • Total business continuity with efficient call routing network is ensured. In the event of a site outage, calls can be instantly rerouted so that voice communications can continue during the outage

The primary benefit of Lanix Unified Communication Service is that you do not have to worry about the management, support and administration of your communications infrastructure.

Our backbone network infrastructure brings together all your business communications – integrating everything from voice calls, email, instant messaging and video conferencing, which can all be accessed via a single, unified platform.

The solutions provided empower you to communicate and collaborate easily, as well give you the flexibility to remotely access your applications and documents. Specifically, you can answer a desk phone call with a mobile device; reply to an email with a voice message; and, turn an IM exchange into a web conference.

Our consultancy-led approach means that a unique solution is designed just for you, ensuring that it matches your individual business requirements.